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Can you help me interpret my blood test results?

I am still trying to get a diagnosis. I was able to get a copy of my recent blood test results and was hoping someone could assist in interpreting them.

ERC normal 4.63 (ref 3.70-5.00)
MPV above upper norm 11.2 (ref 7.5-11)
Basophil Auto normal 0.02 (ref 0.00-0.20)
MCHC normal 334 (ref 320-360)
Lymph auto normal 2.28 (ref 1.0-4.0)
HCT normal 0.446 (ref 0.330-.0480)
LKC normal 8.9 (ref 3.5-11.0)
Platelet normal 250 (ref 150-450)
EOS auto normal 0.14 (ref 0.00-0.40)
MCH normal 32.2 (ref 26.0-34.0)
Hgb normal 149 (ref 115-160)
Neuts auto normal 5.86 (ref 2.00-7.00)
EDW normal 47.1 (ref 36.1-53.3)
Mono Auto normal 0.63 (ref 0.20-1.00)
MCV normal 96.3 (ref 80.0-100.0)
TSH 1.85 (ref 0.4-5.25)
ANA screen normal <1:40 (I remember from another test it was speckled)

The symptoms I feel might suggest that I have Lupus are:

Joint pain, arthritis, skin rashes/malar rash, photosensitivity, hair loss, raynauds, mouth ulcers and neurological disorders (suggestive of parkinsons and MS) memory loss and cold circulations - which might suggest Antiphospholipid Syndrom as well. You can ask me if I'm cold and I'll say I'm fine, but if you touch me you will say I'm freezing. I'm hot all the time, which usually means I'm a normal temperature.

Symptoms I have that do not suggest Lupus are Mobility/dead weight in left leg, no reflexes in feet, unable to determine hot/cold in feet, constant dizzyness/balance issues including falls, chronic depression, electrical zapping throughout body, numbness in hands/feet. Difficulty in determining right/left/up/down if you touch part of my body - I may say its happening in another part of my body.

I read the tags on criteria - however, I'm seeing my primary next week and she seems to belief because my ANA is not what it "should be" I don't have Lupus. I need specifics to tell her what to test me for to find out the answer.

Its been over 4 years - and I really want an answer - any answer.....


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