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Filed on 3/4 and just received Function reports

I just received a Function Report and a Work History Report after filing a few weeks ago. I did go through an attorney and had him file it for me. He said the main issue that will get me denied is that the fact I am under 50 (I am 35 now).

On filing out these reports I want to get as detailed as possible. I feel guilty on even filing for SSI as I know there are people that are much off worse than me. But I live in constant pain on a daily basis and it seems that each year as I get older it gets worse.

How detailed should I get? I feel that I could go on and on with examples of how many things affect my pain. Like how opening a bottle of pills is extremely difficult and I need my husband to open them for me or sitting at my computer my leg pain gets worse the longer I sit there.
I understand that I want to look at my worst days as examples. I feel so guilty when I have a good day (my pain never goes away on good days, its just my happy go lucky attitude comes out those days and I do things even though it hurts).
I do some chores, but I get my husbands help on that. Actually my house (I feel) is a mess, because I just can't do it anymore. I do light cooking, but try to keep it to a minimum as being on my feet to long is bothersome.
I think the hardest question is describing what I do from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Each day is different. My pain and mood determines what I do and get done. Some days I sleep half the day away. I will have to attach a whole full page for that question.

I was also wondering if I should attach to the Work History Report a detailed description of how all my condition(s) affected the work I did?
I haven't worked in a year now and I really believe because all of my health problems that is why I lost my job. My attorney agreed with me on that.

He listed the following conditions on the illnesses and injuries that limit my ability to work:
herniated discs and degernative disc disease, carple tunnel, diabetes, hypertention, underactive thyroid, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, scoliosis, myopathy bilaterally of both arms.
He also put 3 long paragraphs describing how most of these affect me which also describes the sciatica pain, unexplained painful nodules on finger joints, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and how I am depressed because of all of this.

Any advise on what to include on these reports?

Thanks so much Lorraine


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