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Originally Posted by Worrybucket View Post
Dont read too much into muddfish's post. Although it is sad and scary for him, you shouldnt panic because he says your symptoms are the same as his. There are many symptoms that mimic cancer symptoms. You are young, and i would hazard a guess this isnt cancer.

Go check it out but DO NOT panick yourself by that post. No offence muddfish, but this poster is scared enough and probably doesnt need to read your symptoms are the same and that yours is cancer. Check it out forst before you worry, dont assume because your symptoms are similiar you definately have cancer.
I can only wish someone would have been straight forward with me and told me what my symtoms sounded like.....Thank God I was smart enough NOT to listen to those telling me it just sounds like acid reflux or muscle spasams bla.. bla.. bla... I heard it all from all the arm chair doctors. I took myself to the digestive health doctor and had the upper endo taking tissue byopsy...blood test are fine but not the final word!

I'm not trying to scare anyone, but if that is what the truth does and it makes someone go to the right doctor instead of ignoreing thier symtoms then I think God will forgive me.

I will add it is extremly reckless to go online and make diagnoses of opinion that may make some pepole believe that they are fine and decide not to see a doctor. And then to do it in the name of trying make them feel better, thats the doctors job.

Thats it from me, good luck to all!