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Re: Sinus infection, Sinusitis or something else

Sorry, I'd go to see doctor if you have not yet.
I put it off, thinking just sinus headache for a few weeks. Headache came and went, then teeth aches off/on and had very little drainage, usually just clear to white, thought no biggie.
Mon I started running a fever. I had no idea why. Saw doctor Tues. He ask right off if had headache, sinus stuff. Yea, but hardly any drainage. He said more than likely Sinus Infection since had fever.
Been on Augmentin all week, fever hit 104 couple times stayed over 100 mostly. Wed doc office called CBC weren't to bad and if temp hadn't come down by Fri to come back in. Well Fri got up to just cool 97.2 temp. But now have drainage, choking, feeling bad and now face swelled some under one eye. Wish I'd went to doctor a few weeks back.
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