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Re: Filed on 3/4 and just received Function reports

Have you had a first denial yet? That typically happens . Then there is what is called a reconsideration, however, i have heard that in some states that this step has been dropped. In Cali, it has not been . After that, it goes to the next step and is heard in a appeal to the court . that is when most people seek out a Lawyer's assistance.
I am with the other poster. that you do not have to list childhood illness, or injuries. Most of us have been through all of that, and this is not going to have any bearing on your claim what so ever. You need to support you claim as it effects your health now. List all adsressess of medical professionals you have been to and have treated you. All doctors. From mental health professionals, to dental, to ANy of them. This will help support your claim of disability. You also need to be certain that your doctors support your claim of disabilty too. Because if they do not, then your not going to win your case despite having a Lawyer.
Social Security will write a letter and it could say something like , you are disabled however, it is not severe enough , or you are able to find work in anther field, or you can work light duty .I am just trying to prepare you as to what they do write to back to people who get denied their claims.
It also can take several years to win a case. Be ready to fight a battle for winning your claim. remeber that there are two Social Security programs out there. SSI , & SSDI. When a person applies it does not matter unless you win your claim then you will know which one you are entitled to.
By the way, everybody has to fill out these forms. Just be as specific as possible, and be sure they are revelant to what you are experienceing now. Not what you went through as a child or 20 years ago.