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Re: WHY do these EBV threads exist?

Hi Sue, I myself see a doctor also that treats with Antivirals. I knew I had these herpe critters in my head. I remember going to doctors over and over and they tell people EBV, and any other herpe are not that big of a deal...That it is something we all have and people need to learn to live with them. ugh!!!!

I have been on antivirals, thyroid meds and other supplements now for a few years and dependning on each indiviual and their body, (DNA) is how quickly one responds.

When a person goes to a doctor and all they want to say is live with it...Then pack up your things and head to a different one.

I have tried telling people about what I have learned and I feel to many people think there is no hope. So I stop talking about it.

The doctor/researcher/scientist I see looks outside the box for different protocols. I thank God that I finally found a doctor that is like this.

It isn't all about just one thing your body has contracted, when we become ill with a viral or bacterial problem our bodies break down and then open to many more.

Thank you for bringing this up. I am thrilled for you that you are seeing the doctor you are seening. I have read about him. He sounds awesome!

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