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Re: Very low body temperature

Greetings Maryannie

I don't have an answer to your "Q" ~

Although, I personally have a very low body temp.. my average temp is 96 to 97f. with a few points inbetween. If, I get any higher for a few days mind you. I am running a low grade temp. While I was in the Hospital one time. The nurse took my temp and I was 94f. She asked if I was alive in the humor of it. She came back a bit later with another blanket & took it again ~ it was same...

If, I do get colder I refur to it as "Bone Cold" it's a warning for my body to get into a warm bath to bring my core temp up. I also will heat up some broth and sip away. Noting from the previous body temp drops I'd come down with not so nice a bugga-boo.

The type " A " person according to the world Doctors. carries 98.6 or a bit higher. Our body temps are as such ~ so our bodies can fight off bugga boos...

Hopeful it's only that your a really cool person... and not anything else.

Best Regards