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Re: food energy & stretching for Fibromyalgia fatigue

Hey ~~ Neveragain444

It's so good to read of your life style change. I am behind you !! helping mentally, to climb up that mountain to the platue of relief.
You are on a personal ~ Courageous Conquest that only you can walk one step at a time and pause gather a deep calming breath and be refreshed to take another step and review as you look back fom whence you've come...

It's O.K. to cry too ~ ~ ~
It's O.K. to get angry ~ ~ ~
It's O.K. to laugh ~ ~ ~
It's O.K. to find humor that only belongs to you ~ ~ ~
It's O.K. to take it easy ~ ~ ~
It's O.K. to say No to whatever is asked of you ~ ~ ~

This " Fibro" is forever changing, even as you change, it seems the is alive and well.
The " Culinary Change " diet is a 4 letter word ~ your on is removing the toxins throughout your body. I went through an increase in pain, fatique headache ect. I did listen to my body and rested with-in limits of course. I also took a few warm to hot soaking baths a day to confuse the nerve endings and give relief from the pain.
What I realized, was my body was Detoxing from exactly what ? I can only guess. That's a Novel that keeps getting written...and revised. I guess it's good to consider ~learn and apply if so..

Keep on Keeping on and Do it to IT....

Best Regards