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Re: So Many Meds: Please help me Choose

Originally Posted by Trymester View Post
I have since been afraid to look for meds since I read a post at the top of this board about Magnesium. It says that things like Nexium actually end up making your symptoms worse, or they are not so good, because your body is supposed to make acid. What is your opinion on this?
If you want to get past the GERD symptoms you have to give your body a chance to heal, which is what the medications are designed to do. You also have to make the appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes to address the underlying cause of reflux...the medications can be a problem for the people who take them without ever making any changes to their lifestyle but, if you use the medications appropriately, and do what it takes to get the acid under control by changing your lifestyle, you'll be fine.

Nexium and other medications don't make your symptoms worse but can cause a "rebound effect" when you stop taking them. It can usually be easily managed with things like Gaviscon and Zantac and tapering off of the medications, but the claims that the medications somehow mess up your system are simply not supported by any credible evidence.