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Severe and Sudden Lower Abdominal Pain

Hello! Ever since February of 2008, I have been to the emergency room, my family doctor, and a gyneocologist trying to figure out why I have this SUDDEN very SEVERE pain in my lower abdomen. The pain comes the first day of the period (this is not normal period pain b/c I've never had a history of painful periods)! The pain is very sudden, and it almost paralyzes me, making it so I can not talk, find a comfotable position to be in, or function. The pain also comes in what can be described as contractions, meaning it will be really bad one moment then it will relax and I will think it is over, then it will start up again. It also stops suddenly and will typically last maybe an hour. (enough time to be rushed to the ER).
What I have noticed from these pains is that there has been a PATTERN to them, as it does not happen every month on the first day of my period, but every FOUR months. I have had ultrasounds done showing an ovarian cyst, and then another one done without the cyst. Just when we thought this is where the pain is from, the gyneocologist said that it is probably NOT from the ovarian cysts since it happens every FOUR months as opposed to every month. This has been happening for a year now. In the ER, I have been told it could be from kidney stones (I drink a lot of tea), urinary track infection, endometriotis, interstitial cystitis, ovarian cyst rupturing, and OBGYN said to check out IBS. I guess the most reliable would be the cyst rupturing, but then if that's the case, WHY does it happen every four months and how do I prevent the pain? And if the last one showed the cyst not there then i assume it ruptured, so then where was the pain coming from during the other times when the ovarian cyst was apparently present?
I am 19 years of age. Hope this is enough info!

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