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Re: Severe and Sudden Lower Abdominal Pain

I am allergic to Ibprofen and aspirin, so I am not able to take either. As for painkillers, my doctor gave me darvocet to take at the start of the pain, I tried this for the past time that it happened in Feb. 2009, however, it did NOT work whatsoever and the pain seemed to last longer and hurt worse. I had to be rushed from my dorm to the ER and they gave me a ultrasound where they found no more cysts. I couldn't poossibly make it to a hot bath or a heating pad while I'm in this sort of pain, because it paralyzes me making it so I cannot talk or walk (no exaggeration). The pain is definitely not anywhere near cramps, as I know what this feels like. I just hope there is someway to PREVENT it from ever happening in the first place! Thank you so much for the advice tho. I will talk to my doctor about endometriosis although eh already brought it up. thanks and God bless!
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You ovulate every single month ! Your ovaries begin growing cysts at the start of your period and about 14 days later the most dominant cyst ruptures and releases an egg into your fallopian tube. The remaining cysts then regress back into your ovaries and the process begins again at the start of your next period. It is possible that you are sometimes growing larger than normal ovarian follicles (or cysts) and that these are causing a problem but you may also have pain from something else.

For example, endometriosis occurs when some tissue from the inside of your uterus begins to grow outside of your uterus, like for example on an ovary or on your colon or the wall of your abdominal lining. When you have your period, this uterine lining tissue also begins to bleed and this causes a lot of pain as your abdomen will get irritated from the blood (your uterus was meant to have blood in it but not your abdomen). Eventually your abdomen will absorb the blood but it can be quite painful while it is doing so.

Since you say that the pain comes at the start of your period, I wonder if you don't suffer from endometriosis. You may also have horrible cramps at the start of your period and this sometimes occurs as well. Even if you have never had this, you are only 19 years of age and your body is still adjusting its hormone levels.

Have you tried ibuprofen such as Advil or Motrin for the pain ? This Cox 1 inhibitors attack the prostaglandins in your blood that cause this type of pain and they are quite effective. Tylenol is not the same thing and works differently so it may not curb the pain as well. A good heating pad may also help or a hot bath as this relaxes the muscles in that area and it also improves circulation.

I hope this helps you a little. I hope you find out what is causing the pain. Good luck.