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Unexplained spots on liver

I am 48 and I had a tubal years ago but even so was on birth control until about 3 to 4 years ago because of extremely heavy periods (10-12 days). When I finally decided that was stupid because I am a smoker, and stopped the pills, I had a few periods with breaks, between and then no more for at least two years. I have had some pain in the liver area, but I thought it was due to an umbilical hernia (my second) that I have been putting off having fixed. I do have dizziness and/or feel off balance once in a while.

Back in October 2008 I went to the ER for some arm/chest pain. They did an EKG, chest xray and CT scan, but found nothing. When I went for my annual this week, my doctor looked up the CT scan on the computer. Because this was done for the chest it only caught the tip of my liver, but she thought she saw what might be a hemangioma. I had a full liver CT scan with contrast which showed many spots on my liver, but not hemangioma. I next had an internal ultrasound, which found nothing going on with anything else. My doctor cannot yet explain what it might be. Both tests showed that I do have a longer than normal liver. I have also had blood tests that should be back Monday, and unless they tell something, I am scheduled for a liver biopsy on Tuesday, 3/31. I have heard that smoking can cause some spots on the liver, but havenít been able to find much information about it. Can anyone explain what this might be?

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