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Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis

I too had 'sinuitis' a lot in the past dated back to my pre-teen age. However, I luckily found a good ENT who performed a simple, outpatient, minor surgery that is a curved instrument inserting deep inside my nostril, right under the eye, about 5 - 7 years ago. Since then, I rarely get sinuitis.

My ENT told me that my nose-tube (I can't remember what's it called, ...) between eyes and others are very narrow that I was born that way and nothing can do about it. In order to avoid Sinuitis infection is NOT only anti bs but also in need to widen tubes once awhile. It was a bit painful(even aneth.), but in the end I felt very grateful for his professional performance and advice. Besides, unlike going to the hospital, a cost of minor surgery was very affordable.

It's so strange that both GP and ENT keep telling you the same thing over, over again. In my suggestion, try to find a good ENT, because as I know how horrible sinitis can be, it's time for you to get well without worrying about another sinuitis strikes.

Through the experience in my sinuitis, most of GPs/family docs. dx and rx Minor-form of sinuitis. Repeated and serious form of sinuitis needs an expert ENT.