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Exclamation Upper normal TSH, above 1.0 T4, no antibodies, 23 years old...

Hi, I posted on another thread about a gallbladder polyp I was diagnosed with. During this time I also had a bunch of tests run by my doc to make sure everything is okay.
I'm 23, female and two years ago I weighed between 115 and 125. I'm only 5'2" and now weigh between 165-170.
Two years ago I started gaining weight and rapidly. I have been unable to lose literally ANYTHING. I got so desperate about a month ago that I was just in denial that I put myself on a strict 1,000 calorie diet for 2 weeks and didn't even lose half a pound. I should also mention that I am far, far, far from sedentary. I'm a waitress at a nice restaurant, I teach a university writing class and am a full time graduate student
Okay, so that's my background.
I have had no so good experiences w/ docs the past couple of years, since my weight gain began I knew something was up.
This past week I had a bunch of bloodwork done and my doctor gave me some results. I have to wait (forever) until April 29th to see an Endocrinologist so I was hoping for some advice, experiences, etc based on my information:
My antibodies (anti-thryroglobulin antibody count) is <20 IU/mL
Thyroid Microsomal Ab (TP) is <10 IU/mL
TSH is 3.5 uIU/mL
T4, Free is 1.02 ng/dL
My doctor said I'm "upper normal" and she suspects my endo will have more info/do more tests. Obviously, this is not much to go on. I've done some research and learned that I could possibly have "moderate hypothyroidism" and I have a LOT of the symptoms (my hair turned brittle and dry from being full and shiny, skin is always dry, periods have become unbelievable even though I was on B.C which I've since stopped, etc.)
I'm sorry this is so long. I've really had some bad experiences with doctors (my GI doc told me I need to become a vegetarian and stopped eating candy right after I told him I had an eating disorder in h.s. [and my boyfriend is a dietitian so I know better] and my last internal med doc told me that my body is just "meant" to be larger [my mom is taller than me and weighs 110 and my dad was muscular and NOT obese. It has never run in our family to be this large]). Please relate! Advice! Anything! Can my weight gain have anything to do with these results perhaps? Ideas? Thank you!

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