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Re: So Many Meds: Please help me Choose

you really dont need any meds to cure this. the meds are actually doing more harm than good. I have had severe acid reflux and this actually worked....

I had heartburn for 10 years every single day. I did some research and I found the only thing that really worked for me was this....

first I had gotten a colonics done... your intestines need to be cleaned out if you want to digest your foods correctly. the intestines absorb nutrients and water. If your intestines arent cleaned out properly you cannot digest food fast so there is where acid reflux comes from.... food sits in your stomach and becomes rancid.

the thing you can actually star in the morning before colonics is get a gallon of distilled water, a bottle of cold pressed organic aloe vera juice, Braggs ( has to be Braggs ) natural apple cider vinegar, organic lemons and get 12/12 probiotics

empty about a half a cup or so of the water. add 1/4 cup of the aloe juice. 1/4 cup of the vinegar and squeeze the lemon and add to the water. Mix well and drink the entire gallon thruout the day. take the probiotics 30 minutes before any meal. this aids in the digestion of the food.
This will correct the problem and try to stay away from any sodas, sugars and caffine while you do this. take this as long as you have heartburn and it WILL dissappear in no time!
also, try to eat lightly steamed veggies ( greens ) and fruits as they have enzymes that will aid in digestion as well. DO NOT eat fruits and veggies together because they have different enzymes that will neutralize each other out and will NOT digest properly. eat them about an hour apart.