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Re: Facial Flushing....??

I posted this same question on the cancer board, maybe this one too? My 15 year old is being tested for Lupus and "flushing disorders" as she gets this flush on her face at the oddest times. At the same time though she also gets diareah ** I really need to learn to spell this word } and swollen knees , feet and trouble breathing. Her Derm dr said it could be carcinoid syndrome so she just did a 24 urine test , to test for 5h1aa {I think I remembered it all} this weekkend. The results take 7-10 days!It's a good thing I am taking her to TX to visit familiy, to take her mind off how sick she feels. She has had abdominal pain for so long, she has thought she was passing another kidney stone. She has hydroneprososis{sp}and had surgery 3 yrs ago. She is nauseated ALL the time now, it never went away after her sugery. She also has a congenital brain defect although you wouldn't know it, she has a 3.98 GPA.

Look into the flushing disorders .