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3 year old with strange symptoms..

Hi - I'm new here, and new to CF. My daughters (age 3 and 6) were diagnosed about a year ago with "mild" CF. They have both been pancreatic sufficient up until now - my 3 year old turned insufficient a few weeks ago and we're on enzymes now... Creon 5.

She has an ear infection and they put her on Omnicef for it. Ever since they did that, she's complaining that her belly hurts, and she refuses to eat ANYTHING at all. She's barely drinking, and hasn't had enough food to keep a bird alive in about 4 days.

The problem is this: she's not eating at all. And if she does eat, she's burping while eating, which causes her to gag on her food, which, in turn, causes her to not want to try to eat any more.

My questions:

1. we're new to enzymes - but is a tummy ache associated with enzymes? or is that probably the antibiotic upsetting her?

2. can the enzymes cause reflux?

I have a feeling this is all a result of the antibiotics - but I still need to get her to eat. Any tips on getting a 3 year old to eat? She's never had a huge appetite to begin with and now it's at zero. I'm concerned because she's in the 5th percentile and if she loses any more weight, we're in trouble.

thanks for any help.


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