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PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!! Lab Questions. High TSH WITH High T4 levels???

oh my!! I feel like DEATH.. I was just about to go to the ER as I have been running a fever off and on since the 17th of March with horrid flu symptom feelings and major stomach issues and stomach pains.

I went to my primary last week and he ran my TSH and my T4 levels. I have been diagnosed with so many different things over the past couple years I am just about ready to give up... But here is the latest with my thyroid stuff and the dr couldn't tell me if it was the free T4 level or Total T4 levels they tested. (although I think it was the free)...

Does anyone know what this is now pointing to? I have NEVER had a high T4 reading yet!!!

TSH- 5.16 (0.35- 5.5)
T4- 13.3 ( 5-13) actually with looking at these ranges it might be a total t4 reading...... Any who, they are both high??

I also have MAJOR headaches no matter what I try. And every evening I start running a horrid fever.

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