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Question really confused my doc said i have a level of 120 points what is this

ok so when i first started getting sick i had ALL of the HYPER simptoms so i was diagnosed with graves. i whent under radiation, after radiation i when down to HYPO so my doc prescribe me with 150 mcg of Levothyroxine so finally my doc said that i was a 3. something am not sure how to read the T3 OR T4 levels.
once my levels where in normal range my doc put me on 125 mgs of levothyroxine just last mo i had my blood test and my doc said that my points where 100 so she said she will retest me in a mo so just yesterday they told me my levels where at 120 and i was at a .00001 something like that i dont get it. i know that am HYPER again because i can feel my heart beat fast and i get out of breath easily. so my doc has lowered my thyroid med to 100 mcg will this help bring my thyroid levels down so i can be between a 1-5.
or will it work fater if i skip a couple of pills? because my doc said i was producing to MUCH thyroid so she lowered my Levothyroxine dosage but am confused if i am producing to much am i not supposed to get a bigger dosage to get my number down? instead of decreasing it? or am i not supposed to get a nother med to lower my number rather than just lowering my dosage.
any advise will do thanks. i am 23 years old and i am a female i dont know if this info is important. thanks

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