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Re: PTTD surgery 5-1-09 --many ?s

HI Mary 2!!!!!

Welcome to the boards-----I hope you find as much info as you need! There are lots of people here who can give you the best advice---or at least help you through this process!!

As far as your questions----I know there is another kind of crutch out there, that you use more with your forearms---however I have the regular aluminum crutches---and have gotten fairly used to them (except on steps).

I am not sure what you mean by knee chair---however, if you mean knee walker, they are the BEST!! I actually am 3.5 weeks post op from a tendon transfer, kidner procedure, left heel osteotomy---and right now I am using crutches and a wheelchair-------I never thought a wheelchair would be as mich of a godsend as this has turned out to be----but if you want to get out of the house, and have some freedom, even while in the house, a wheelchair is great for the first 6-8 weeks. I will have the DME company deliver my knee walker when i am about 6 weeks post op.....

Yes---you will need a shower stool----and possibly a waterproof cast cover, if you can find one---you can do the plastice bag thing, or whatever other suggestions you may get---but I have a waterproof cast cover and it is so great.

Pillows will probably be fine---I think thats what most use on here----I have a wedge type pillow that is very large, but allows me, for my recovery, the most elevation and comfort. But I am sure regular pillows will be okay.----remember to ice behind your knee if you are having alot of swelling---

As far as shaving the leg----I of course shaved it on surgery day, and I shave what part is exposed, but I have not taken a razor with me at cast changes, b/c yes, I think now that the hair is "grown out" so to say, I have much les itching, than if I shaved it each time my cast was changed.

Clothes---loose sweatpants and shorts are probably best. I can get my jeans on and things like that---but you are going to want comfort---so keep that in mind.

I do not take a shower without help---however its b/c of the way my bathroom is set up----you may find after the first couple of weeks that you can manage on your own. That will just have to depend on your need.

As far as help---my boyfriend stayed home with me the first week of both surgeries---and that was a blessing! You will need help with alot of stuff to begin with---food, bathroom, showers, etc----I have a mini fridge set up in my bedroom, so my boyfriend makes my lunch and puts in there each day. I have drinks and snacks. Lots of books and videoes, and TV if you like to watch it.

Don't know anything about accupuncture or Arnica----not sure what that is...

I am sure there are others with other ideas-----B/c i am so unsteady on my good foot (it has tendon issues too----but not nearly like the other foot)--I have a potty chair over the toilet b/c it has handles to help me up and down.

take your pain pills faithfully the first couple of weeks, even if you think you dont need them----you do not want that pain to get ahead of you!!!

If you have other questions please ask!! I am on here alot b/c I am at home recovering, and like I said, I know there are many others who will give you great advice!!!! Good luck!!!!!