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Re: how do I stop thinking of my breathing

Well, I guess I can answer my own question. I remember what a nurse told me a couple of years ago. She said concentrating on one's breathing is good because people use deep breathing to control their anxiety. After she said that, I laid down to sleep and concentrated on my breathing, but in a way to control my anxiety. Even though I was already concentrating on it, I was now in control of WHY I was concentrating on it. It switched my thought-process and put me in the driver's seat, not my obsession! I just realized all this last night as I went to sleep. I thought, hey, wait a minute, my breathing obession went away so easily after she had said that. Why wouldn't it work now? So, with every breath, I thought as I breathed, "Breathing in God's breath of life in, breathing out negativity, out." And suddenly I just drifted off to sleep, not worrying about, OMG, I'm concentrating on my breathing. I was no longer anxious about it. Don't be anxious about it. that just makes it worse. Breathe in God's breath of life and breathe out all of life's negativity and you, too, will get some sound sleep. Soon the whole breathing obsession will leave because you're no longer giving it credence and power. You have the power because God gave us the breath of life!