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Re: how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj

TMJ and TMD is not caused by a virus or bacteria - at least not to my knowledge - its a dysfuntion, be it due to a muscular imbalance, occlusal or bite problem or an issue with the tm joints or discs such as displacement. Left untreated tmj and tmd can cause physiological and degenerative changes to the jaw, joints and condyles such as osteo-arthritis, bone spurs, changes in shape or angualrity of the components of the jaw that allow it to function. A number of other medical and dental conditions can present symptoms similar to that of tmj (such as lyme disease or cervical problems or even taking certain prescribed medications) but that does not mean one is actually dealing with tmj. Even other joint conditions of the body are not the result of infection but more likely that of auto-immune diseases.

Trauma or injury is not a bacteria and can not eat away at the bone - degenerative changes may result to the injured site when it can not function as it needs to - but antibiotics will not prevent the degeneration or cure the "trauma" - at most physiotherapy and the use of steroids or cortizone treatments - as well as eliminating the dysfuntion if possible, may be able to stop and prevent further degenerative changes. In certain instances, such as when a condyle changes in shape due to prolonged jaw disfunction - the appropriate treatment may encourage a return to normal appearance and functioning.

I hope I din't come across to strong in my response as that was not my intent - it just seems though that there seems to be a lot of misconception and contradictions about tmj both among professionals and those that are dealing with it or symptoms akin to it proving once again that it really needs to be more formally addressed by drs and researchers and other formal organizations.