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Re: PTTD surgery 5-1-09 --many ?s

I have forearm crutches, I feel they're easier to manage. Try them both out and make the choice that best suits your needs.
I think I've got an arsenal of like 8 pillows, usually 3 under my leg and the rest I use to prop myself up.
I can't answer the shower thing. I managed to recover in a house that had a handle in the shower to help when my grandparents used to own the house. I did use a chair and a cast shield.
PJ pants became the new it thing for me and boot cut jeans worked well.
Ugh, its late and I can't remember anything else, but I'm so sure I've already posted it? I hate to cop out and tell you to sort through my posts but if I think of anything else I'll post again. Until then!