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Re: how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj

Originally Posted by madnmas View Post
TMJ cannot be caused by bacteria, bethsheba.

That was pretty harsh.
Madnmas, You may have misunderstood what I was trying to say which is that TMJ CAN be caused by a bacterial infection! I am disagreeing with Thelma-Louise's comment below which suggests that TMJ can't be caused by a bacterial infection. I meant to say that if my doctor told me that TMJ couldn't be caused by a bacterial infection, I would see a different who knew more about the causes of TMJ.

Originally Posted by Thelma-Louise View Post
Your symptoms won't respond to prolonged treatment with antibiotics if they are due to tmj.
Madnmas, welcome to the boards!! Please don't let my post give you the wrong impressions here...friendly debates are healthy and it's people like you who help us draw the line, !


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