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Re: how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj

Originally Posted by Thelma-Louise View Post
....I hope I din't come across to strong in my response as that was not my intent - it just seems though that there seems to be a lot of misconception and contradictions about tmj both among professionals and those that are dealing with it or symptoms akin to it proving once again that it really needs to be more formally addressed by drs and researchers and other formal organizations.
Thelma-Louise, I didn't take any offence...I apologize if I came across the wrong way. Yes, there is disagreement by the professionals and those dealing the condition about the causes/treatments/etc of tmj...

But from what I've read, different kinds of bacteria can eat away at bone, muscle, cartilage, and nerves....have you heard about flesh eating bacteria?? Occasionally it is in the news....that might be one example of how a bacteria can cause visible damage to the body. I know of someone who almost lost his life because this bacteria ate away the skin, muscles, and bone on one side of his body. They gave him a 5 percent chance to live and he lived!! This isn't the kind of bacteria I've read about causing TMJ...I only mention this because if you have some knowledge of this bacteria, it may be easier to understand that it's possible for another kind of bacteria to cause TMJ.


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