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Re: how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj

I understand your concern of having an underlying infection or bacteria - and yes such types of bacteria do exist - but if necrosis of the jaw which is an infection of the bone were the cause of tmj - and yes necrosis is indeed very serious as it is often difficult to diagnose even by oral surgeons sometimes and often requirers hospitalization, the use IV antibiotics and the surgical removal of the dead or infected bone and will deform the jaw and spread if left untreated (its kind of like gangrene of the bone) - but if tmj was indeed caused by this then most of us by now who have been suffering for years and years would have no jaw left or be dead - to be quite blunt.

This is why though at the onset of symptoms one should make every effort to see all types of drs both medical and dental and eliminate all other possibilities for the cause of the symptoms - especially when there is lack of of definitive displacement of the joints or discs on film or images.

I guess I took issue with it b/c I was denied medical benefits by an insurance carrier "due to lack of necrosis of the jaw" and had to argue and prove to them that necrosis or infection of the jaw is not unqequivocal evidence of tmj/tmd.

Let's face it - if tmj was caused by a underlying bacteria - at this point all this controversy and trial and error with splints and various treatments would be moot and there would be a stampede to oral surgeons and hospitals to have it treated. And if one does have necrosis of the jaw and is experiencing tmj symtpoms (there would other symptoms of such an infection, btw) then the tmj symptoms would be secondary to the real cause.

I do appreciate your attempt, however, of making others aware of this as one possibility to explore or look into.