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Re: how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj

Originally Posted by Thelma-Louise View Post
.... but if tmj was indeed caused by this then most of us by now who have been suffering for years and years would have no jaw left or be dead - to be quite blunt.
I respectfully's more complicated than that.

...I guess I took issue with it b/c I was denied medical benefits by an insurance carrier "due to lack of necrosis of the jaw" and had to argue and prove to them that necrosis or infection of the jaw is not unqequivocal evidence of tmj/tmd.
I am so very sorry your were denied medical benefits by your carrier...but this is not surprising, nor is it uncommon. Unfortunately, doctors egos/ignorance, politics, and insurance companys profit motives, and other hidden agendas all may interfere with getting a proper diagnosis and treatment. But just because benefits are denied, doctors say "t'aint so", doesn't mean a bacterial infection isn't at the root of the problem.

Let's face it - if tmj was caused by a underlying bacteria - at this point all this controversy and trial and error with splints and various treatments would be moot and there would be a stampede to oral surgeons and hospitals to have it treated.
Although there may be controversy, there is agreement among some...and oral surgeions and hospitals are not the ones agressively diagnosing and treating one kind of infection associated with TMJ.

And if one does have necrosis of the jaw and is experiencing tmj symtpoms (there would other symptoms of such an infection, btw) then the tmj symptoms would be secondary to the real cause.
If an infection is present, TMJ would be far as there being other symptoms of an infection?? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on what kind of infection, and where it has spread in the body.


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