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Re: Sinus surgery and septoplasty

He told me to expect considerable pain following the procedure along with a lot of blood, blocked nose for up to three weeks etc. etc.
That's definitely a worst-case scenario, primarily from the septoplasty, which can be quite an invasive procedure due to the need to remove cartilage from the septum. There is almost always some post-surgical discomfort from a septoplasty but many people feel much better within a week, and the amount of blood is typically very minimal.

he also said that there is a chance that the operation will not impove my sinusitus at all!
The recovery from the FESS isn't bad at all (but since you're having the septoplasty at the same time, it's kind of irrelevant). It is possible that the endoscopic procedure won't solve your sinus problems. It's important that you figure out whether you sinus problems are simply because of the physical problems or because of something else (allergies are a common culprit). If your sinus issues are the result of allergies, the surgery alone won't solve problem.