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Please help, I am EXHAUSTED and I NEVER feel rested.

I am very tired all of the time. I never feel rested and I am not sure what to do.

Here is my situation:
I am usually pretty stressed. I have just taken on a new role at work, and we are opening a new division of my company. I am in school getting my MBA. I have a 9 month old kid, and 3 dogs. My kid sleeps through the night, but the dogs make us get up each night to let them go outside. My wife sometimes wakes me up with her snoring, but not that often.
I occasionally take Ambien to get to sleep and do take melatonin every night. I tried Ambien CR, but it made me even more tired the next day.

I feel that my lack of sleep is causing other health problems for me. I get migraines, and feel drained all the time. I feel depressed, but think the feelings may be that I am exhausted and not depressed. I have very little energy.

For medications, I take:
In the morning:
Effexor for migraines, depression, and stress
Omega 3 supplement

At night:
Nexium for GERD
Zyrtec for allergies
Melatonin to help me fall asleep
Fiber con for stomach problems
Metamucil for stomach problems

As needed:
Imitrex for migraines

I do not think any of my medicines are causing my issues, but wanted to include them.

I am about 10-15 pounds overweight, do not exercise, and do not eat that well.

My sleep habits:
I use the blanket that I like the best.
Pillows that I feel are the most comfortable
Temperature that is slightly chilly
I go to bed between 10:30-11:30 and wake up between 5:30 and 6:15 during the week.
I try to sleep in on the weekends, but still feel exhausted on the weekends.
I do not have any light on in the bedroom as I use my phone as my alarm clock. There is a night light in my bathroom, but it is not very bright.
Our dogs do sleep with us in the bed, but are rarely on my side of the bed.

I know that I can sleep more, but other than that, I do not know what else to do.

Please help me with offers or suggestions. I really need to get more energy and to start feeling better.


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