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Re: Please help, I am EXHAUSTED and I NEVER feel rested.

Hello doglover,

Welcome to the sleep boards! I'm very sorry about your sleep troubles...I came to these boards because I had a similar problem, although I slept as much as 20 hours per day. I've had a sleep study done, and have been reading about sleep problems ever since.

As far as sleep hygiene guidelines go, I personally think they only serve to inflict guilt on those of us who are already doing what we can to sleep...and besides, I think we all know people who break every sleep hygiene rule there is and still sleep well.

Listing the otc's and med was very basically you're saying your symptoms are:

Irritible Bowel Syndrome?
problems sleeping

Given you're a dog lover, given dogs get ticks, and given your present list of symptoms, have you considered Lyme disease? It could explain every symptom you are experiencing.

just a thought.


PS Yes, sleep deprivation can cause panic and anxiety, mood disorders, and can lead to many physical problems as well...many of us who have gone years with undiagnosed apnea are now dealing with cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and other problems as well.

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