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Okay I am confused....

I have had diabetes of some form from 2001. Starting with Gestational Diabetes that progressed and I was officially diagnosed in 2006. I was on actos/met, but when that wasn't working anymore I was put on Lantus about a month and half ago. At 20 units at night, I was running 150 fasting and 200 to 250 2 hrs. after eating. I was upped to 40 units, which started running me low (would wake up after 6 hrs. of sleep with 80 or less blood sugar) and my after eating sugars were in good range, but I would bottom out kinda quick. I scaled back to 38 units and now my sugars are all over the board. After eating is 170 to 210 and fasting is 90 to 110. What is going on? I have my next appt. the 17th, but I am tempted to see if I can get in the 10th. Any ideas? I don't understand how I can go from one extreme to the other like this over a course of weeks.

On another note, now that I am on insulin I am testing more often than with the pills (more than 4 times a day). How often do most insulin users test? Will insurance give more strips for a higher testing volume per day? Because right now I am getting 100 strips every 19 days and it isn't lasting so therefore I am having to pay full price for a 50 ct. box so I am paying about 130 dollars a month for strips at this rate.


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