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Re: 4 Year-Old Son's First Seizure...Why?

Originally Posted by Travis from MN View Post
It may be too soon to notice this, but do you notice involuntary spasms (possibly seizures?) on ONE side of the body more than the other, or facial expressions (twitches?) altering (the muscle tone) again on one side more than the other?

That can help indicate the SIDE of the brain (if it only occurs in one side (i.e. hemisphere) in cases of seizures). That doesn't always isolate to one side.

Not sure what to say about breathing in general if the body doesn't show symptoms of a seizure. It could be anything or nothing depending what the Family physician (GP) says, if the child gets an "all clear" for other health issues.

Ask what you don't know!!! Ask anything even if it sounds silly! You need to know everything and you are coming from the point of knowing nothing. So feel free to ask the doctor any question even if it sounds crazy!! They know you are worried for your child and want the best for them.

Later on (possibly never) if medication is offered ASK QUESTIONS about it!! Ask if there is anything they need to avoid, ask if it can cause symptoms, ask if sports could be a problem (swimming, horseback riding, soccer), ask if foods could cause problems with the meds... NEVER stop learning (being concerned) for your child so you know when you can say yes and no.

In JrHi I was held back from a lot of sports due to my folks being worried about the remote chance of having a seizure. Mine were so rare it was almost as if I didn't have epilepsy (but I needed to take my meds daily!).

I can go up with friends/family flying in small crafts doing aerobatics at full throttle and it's no problem. It's something I love. I can never get a license on my own, but it's a passion I enjoy doing both on wheel and on floats (water). So no, I try not to let my seizures stop me from having a good time.

Thank you again Travis! You asked me about twitching/spasms. I don't notice any of these behaviors coming from our son. I don't see facial or body twitching, other than when he's falling asleep his fingers or feet may twitch lightly (no jerking). I notice zero behaviors that would indicate seizure activity. Hopefully the EEG he had today will offer some answers. Regarding the two times he bumped his head, even the Tech today thought it could be an explanation. I don't know. It's been a shock but I will accept whatever happens and do everything I can to help him. Does what I described sound like he definitely had a seizure? Thank you!