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Re: Sinus surgery and septoplasty

Hi Sam,

I am going through the same issue and am scheduled for surgery on May 26th. I have a severe deviated septum and concho bullosa (sp?). I have sufferred from allergies as well as chronic sinus issue throughout my whole life (I'm 27 yrs old) and they have progressively gotten worse. My last 2 infections took steroids to clear up. Although the surgery won't cure my allergies, the surgeon is confident that it will help eliminate a lot of the infections I get. No matter where the infection starts, it always ends up in my sinuses and can be so painful that I can barely open my eyes. I met with 3 surgeons before being comfortable enough to move forward and like a previous statement; he also does not use packing unless he absolutley has to. I am very fearlful about the packing and especially the rmeoval process. He re-assurred me that he's going to try not and use it but worst case scenario, it is painful but quick removal process. He is very aware of my fears and has been good about talking me through them. I think every situation is different and you need to evaluate what is best for you and the pros vs cons. My issue can't get much worse so I figure the surgery can only help. I've also heard horrific stories and stories that it was not as bad as expected. I usually just prepare for the worst! Good luck and keep us updated on what you decide.