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Chronic sinusitis since 1993 and nasal polyps now *sigh*

Hi everyone,
I am new to this particular board. I have had chronic allergies and sinusitus since about 1993. It hasnt been real fun. It has really put a crimp in my life. I am 53 and all of a sudden in one year I got bad polyps! So now in Dec. I had to go on Prednisone for 20 days, among a lot of other pills and protocols to shrink the polyps. I felt better after that, but already they are bad and ever worse! Again, i am on Prednisone and a bunch of other drugs. They said the polyps grew back faster than they would have liked. (me, too!). So now I have a new dimension in chronic sinusitis. I had finally gotten the sinusitis halfway under control where I didnt have 7 infections in one year and now I have polyps to complicate it and make my sinuses worse. The head pressure is pretty debilitating. I am an elem. sub teacher who is about to quit because I take jobs ahead of time and then i am too sick to go. Its a real drag. I am seeing the ENT on May 5th (he is in my allergist's office). I take allergy shots, do nasal washes...know all the drills. How can a person be on Prednisone so much????????? It makes me so edgy and so insomniac that I have to take sleeping pills just to sleep. This is such a rut. Any advice or commisseration is welcome! THANKS!

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