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Originally Posted by Imissmyhorsegus View Post
I saw my nurologist and she looked at the mri films. she wasnt sure what exactly the tumor was either. she had troble finding it thank god! God is good!but she admited im not a nuro-cancer dr for a consult and since the results are still so shaky she asked me to see also a md Eye dr for checking of glacoma. since my vision has been bluring alot. she did say its just in the skull my nurolagist and in her words brain is good!

The headaches have been causing me to pass out as migrains sometimes can cause that in rare cases..

for now i see the nuro-cancer dr for a evaluation of the tumor on may 8th. i bring the films and the report.

I hope you came out OK on that?
Can you update us?
I know nothing about nuro-cancer dr's

My Dr ..well major Dr is an oncologist. Dx was just Jan 5 2009 So am new at all this I have non-smalll cell lung stage 4 + spin off brain tumors pressing on my optical nerve...yep sight is a royal messy ness mess.
Sight..although a mess.. very very bad sght but some is better than none. does exist again (left side sight left in jan..glad it's back) in my left eyesight side after after 6 Cyber-Knife surgeries and lot of spot radiatiom (oh yeah I also do Chemo weekly and take speciial steriod pills too help control brain swelling twice a day.
I'm certainly no Dr. AND I'm not always right so if I say something someone disagres with..that's fine.
When correcting me you are setting me straight and it's appreciated.