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Re: Chronic sinusitis since 1993 and nasal polyps now *sigh*

Thanks for interesting response. I have been on Rhinocort for many years and my Dr. has me doing it for the next 20 days....2 quirts in each nostrils 2 x a day. I was put on both Allegra and Singulair, but the steroids are killing my stomach (not to mention the Fluconozole to prevent fungal overgrowth). I have GERD so its really doing a job, all these medications. The taking of steroids for my sinuses and Advil for my arthritis gave me a bad stomach. Oh man, you know how it all goes. But as soon as possible I need to get myself on the Singulair with the Allegra. Naturally one of the side effects of the Singulair is stomach pain.