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Barrette's Esphogus and Gerd

I have undergone two upper endoscopies since March. The first showed I have Barrette's Esphogus and Acid Reflux, mulitliple biospies where taken and a Bravo 48 hr capscule was attached. The Bravo study showed my acid reflux in th 99%. The biospies for my Barrettes Esphogus where indefinite.
In March I underwent my second Endoscopy check for Cancer in my esphogus, and none was found. I had a manometry test done also and showed my les muscle very week and work properly maybe 50% of the time.
My surgeon fills surgery is necessary to stop the Acid Relex which should slow down the progression of my Barrettes esphogus. However only a 270 wrap would be done, otherwise I couldn't swallow. My qestion is has anyone had this type of surgery for this reason and what was your outcome?

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