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Re: Chronic sinusitis since 1993 and nasal polyps now *sigh*

hi ... also always been a chronic sinusitis sufferer ... never been tested for allergies but can tell you what i am allergic to ... dairy (chocolate ... i hate easter ... lol)
i have SLE (systemic lupus) and was sent by my rheumie to ent ... polyp in nasal passage ... px with ** do not substitute for generics** assortment of drugs, nasal sprays, anti-bx ... did help ... i have not been back for far too long and get bad headaches, sometimes migraine. nasal passages burn, i stay away from certain foods ... or only if i can get an anti-histamine will i indulge ... but i watch what i eat (mostly i try ... when i cant i suffer my consequences)
i need to get back to ent, my gp says i have a virus ... ears feel swollen & stuffed very dizzy, blurry ... want to ask about menieres disease.

i have just quit cigs and am looking fwd to getting smell back ...