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Re: Barrette's Esphogus and Gerd

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
There is a bunch of information that you didn't provide with your request.

How long have you had your reflux symptoms? What type of symptoms are you experiencing? What treatments have you tried? Do you have swallowing or motility problems as well? Is that why the recomendation for the 270?

I've had reflux officially diagnosed for about 7 years. I believe I had it for years before, but wasn't correctly diagnosed. (My reflux is the 'silent' type.) I was able to keep it under control for years with medication and with lifestyle and diet changes. When one med stopped working, I found another that worked. About 1 1/2 years ago, everything just stopped working. I had tons of testing during this last year...most of it repeat from a couple years earlier. I had the 24 hr pH...with the nose tube connected to the computer...a bit more obvious than the Bravo. That showed really severe reflux. It was worse that previously and ironically, I was feeling really good and symptom free on the day of the test. My Manometry showed my LES functioning which was bad already had gotten worse. My Modified Barium Swallow and Esophagram showed I had developed a new sliding hiatal hernia and that I was refluxing food and acid. Worse for me was that the acid was coming up and irritating my lungs. (If you are having swallowing issues, those tests will be helpful as well.) I was lucky in that my EGD showed no damage in my esophagus or stomach. (My GI doc said I must be part cast iron.)

Long story short (or maybe a bit long here), with consultation with my GI doc, ENT (who works with LPR patients), Pulmonologist and surgeon, I decided to go for the surgery. I had the full wrap Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication last October. When they wrap your stomach around your esophagus, they are in effect creating a "new" LES. Your stomach contracts around the esophagus every time it contracts normally. Those contractions keep things from coming up...acid, food, vomit, gas, etc... On the plus side, my reflux symptoms are tons better, although my GI doc still has me on 2 PPI's per day, indefinitely. For that alone, the surgery was worth it for me. It is nice to be able to breathe better and not worry about when the next critical attack would come. On the negative side, gas bloat can be a problem after the surgery because gas can get trapped below the wrap. (Try reading up on Gas Bloat Syndrome.) Most people also cannot vomit after the procedure. I never thought I'd have to worry about that because I didn't have problems before, but I have some other digestive issues now and I get frequent nausea. Not a good feeling. While the last two items are unpleasant, I still think the pros outweigh the cons. Also, you will have to be very very careful about taking small bites and thoroughly chewing so food doesn't get stuck above the wrap.

As for the success of the surgery, I think it depends on your symptoms. Through my internet research, it teams that certain reflux symptoms have a higher success rate with this surgery than others. Even with that, a good majority of the people in the research studies had some sort of success. I'm not sure how much the 270 wrap makes a difference over the full wrap.

This surgery is a very serious decision. It is good that you are doing some looking into it before making your decision.