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Re: Barrette's Esphogus and Gerd

I have had Acid Reflux many years now and have seen multiple Doctors and have undergone all the test. Liftestyle changes and diet haven't helped. The medicines don't work and I have tried them all I think. My 48 hour Bravo study showed I was in the 99% as far as Acid Reflux, and I saw the charts and the results. My Manometry test results where that my LES works poorly at best and if I had the 360 wrap I wouldn't be able to swallow, that is why I will have a 270 if and when I have surgery. I wake up multiple times during each night choking on the acid that has filled my mouth. Coughing and choking is just a way of life these days. Most mornings I vomit when I get up and I don't eat or drink hours before bed. I sleep elevated, never flat and that in its self has kept me from choking to death in my sleep. Thank you for your replies now and hopefully future replies. I am reading and learning.

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