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Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?

Thanks Rachelle. I am definately in pre-menopause. The hormone levels she did before didn't seem to come up with any clear issue - but I know I'm pre-menopause at 46 years old. Saw a great show on hormone levels on Dr. Phil when his wife did a great segment. It seems that here in Canada we are no where near as good as the US when it comes to hormone issues. They just prescribe pills for menopause symptoms instead of looking at what hormone is off and treating that hormone with the specific cream.

As I've been diagnosed as Major Depressive disorder and Fibro - they keep insisting that my symptoms can't be lupus as my ANA is only 1:40.......She won't test me for the anti-smith etc. My terminology might be incorrect as I don't have the specific results in front of me.

Thanks for that perspective - didn't really think about how hormones can affect other areas of the body.