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Re: Rash under armpit wont go proper annoying now!!

Maybe you should try some Gold Bond medicated powder for your arm pits. You can also try pure cornstarch baby powder, but I'd recommend the Gold Bond first.

My hubby has this problem sometimes during the summer months and the Gold Bond medicated powder helps quite a bit. He has to use it instead of anti-perspirants or deoderant sometimes when it really gets flared up.

I hope you get this under control because I know from what my hubby says, it really can be painful. That area really doesn't get a lot of breathing room so it harbors the bacteria that causes these things. You certainly can't go walking around with your arms in the air so they can breathe, and you can't help but to sweat when it's hot.

Good Luck and do try the Gold Bond.....just know that it may burn a little if your pits are raw.

Oh- One more thing, there were also times when my hubby had to use Desitin baby rash ointment or A&D ointment. Both can be found in the baby aisle.

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