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Re: Rash under armpit wont go proper annoying now!!

Originally Posted by c4rm0 View Post
... During the time i had the rash though i did actually have some antibiotics for something else (Tonsilitis ) they was called Amoxicillian i was on these for a week and they didnt clear the rash up
I suspect your "tonsilitis" is related to the bacterial infection Borrelia burgdorferi. Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) first presents with cold/flu like symptoms and in some people the symptoms are fairly mild...but in other people, the symptoms are more severe and may be misdiagnosed as mononucleosis/glandular fever or tonsilitis.

If it is Lyme/coinfections, it is unlikely that the doctor used effective antibiotics to treat it, and if s/he did, one week of treatment is not long enough!! If it is Lyme, treating it aggressively with antibiotics for several weeks/months may prevent you from getting muscle, joint, bone, cartilage problems, neurological problems, sensory problems, cognitive problems, etc., and may prevent permenant damage.

I can almost guarantee your doctor is not going to know how to diagnose your or treat you if this is a lyme or lyme related infection.

I hope and pray that you'll do some serious reading...not a post here and there, not a website here and there, but books and scientific literature...and I would hope you would consult with a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, because if it is Lyme and you're not receiving adequate treatment now, there may be days/years of heartache and pain ahead.


PS You might want to start reading about Lyme rashes, specifically Erythema Migrans. Keep in mind that the typical rash of Lyme disease may not always develop as a bull's-eye.

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