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Re: Crystalens - YAG Nightmare continues!!

Hi, Eye-Kant-C...I have answers for a few of your concerns. Making IOL power predictions is not an exact science, and the Crystalens is notorious for producing off-target results (because it often changes position in the eye after implantation.) Some surgeons refuse to use the Crystalens for this reason. I agree with you that having one eye farsighted (which is especially bad for an accommodating IOL) and one eye nearsighted is a very poor result. I also suspect that you have some astigmatism (possibly from the cataract surgery itself), which is causing your double vision. In addition, I've read that an incomplete YAG (opening not made big enough) can cause huge starbursts--the solution is a second YAG procedure.

You have already seen what your surgeon can do. Please don't let him touch your eyes again. You need to get another opinion from a doctor familiar with the Crystalens and refractive procedures--even if it means some transportation time and involves a payment plan. Possibly LASIK or PRK can make a big difference in your vision, and a limbal relaxing incision done in the doctor's office might eliminate the double vision. You might also need a second YAG to eliminate the starbursts. Life is short, and you are too young to be handicapped by the problems you've been living with for the past couple of years.

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