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Re: NEW here, with questions...

Hi cna1980
Welcome to the group! I'm very glad to hear that you're going to be getting health insurance, it's so important to have especially when you're having so many symptoms. I can identify with many of your symptoms as I'm sure many others with lupus can also. I have horrible hair thinning and hair loss, occasional insomnia though I'm exhausted, joint pain, rashes, and I too have had bowel problems though my rheummy believes it is due to the recent onset of celiac disease. The only problem with lupus is that it is known for mimicking many other diseases. The best advice that I could give you is to be very persistent with your doctor and make sure you feel that you're getting the answers you're seeking. A diagnosis never happens overnight so patience is always a virtue. I hope you start to feel better and get some answers soon. Feel free to post away, everyone here is very supportive. I hope to hear from you again soon, keep us all updated.