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Partly Phimosis

Hello Everyone
I'm a 20 Year old and I've not heard about Phimosis and Other related things to it till a few weeks back. I found out that I'm having slight Phimosis because I can Pull back my foreskin when my penis is flaccid. I've been doing this stretching exercises (Special Thanks to Geoff B) for a week now. Thankfully I'm now capable of Pulling back my Foreskin entirely over my penis head but not when in erection.
So once i Pulled it back fully when in Flaccid and then had an erection. it pained during the process but after a while it was ok. I haven't masturbated with My foreskin pulled back up and so this time i tried it. As i was about to reach the climax ( Ejaculation) it really pained a lot. Is this normal? Because when I dont have my foreskin pulled back it never really hurts when i masturbate.
Can i continue masturbating with my fore skin pulled back even if it pains a bit?
One more question sometimes my foreskin is stuck behind my glans. I thought it was normal but after studying about paraphimosis I'm really scared. When its stuck I just wet myself and gently push the foreskin from behind. Is it right?
How am i supposed to get rid of Part Phimosis condition without having my foreskin stuck at the back?

Thanks in advance

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