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Average recovery time for acdf

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while since i am unable to have my surgery until August 09. Well, at least I am hoping to hang on until August, Lately I have been having alot of tingling/numbness in my face, arms and legs. I also told my boss we may want to start training someone om my job just incase i need to go in earlier. and i was wondering what is the average recovery time for a acdf. They will be removing two discs i believe c6-7 -replacing them with cages and hardware. I haven't seen the nuerosurgeon since I explained that I can't have the surgery until August in which I go and see him in July. Sooner if things begin to become worse. My boss has been pretty cool and understanding throughout all of this so far and is knid of upset with the company also that they are making wait to have this taken care of. Oh, well I have bad days and then really bad days but am taking things day by day very carefully.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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