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Questions about symptoms being experienced

Back in 1999, I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with FMS. Things such as tremors I was told was a part of the FMS process as well as vertigo issues and other concerns. For a few years now, I've questioned whether or not this was truly FMS related or if there was something else going on. The doctor I had back in 2003 while still living in New Jersey even had me screened for MS; all of which was negative results. In the meantime, I moved west and now live in NW Arkansas, and it seems that while my doctor wants to focus on specific issues such as diabetes and illnesses such as bronchitis occasionally, he puts off addressing these ongoing issues that I chronically complain about. I'm simply close to tears these days due to all of this.

Now, however, over the last few years, the vertigo is becoming a major issue...especially in the last six months or so; as is the tremors. I constantly itch on my scalp and arms due to "dry skin" to where I am in tears because it's painful at times.

There are times, where my husband and I have checked my sugar levels because I begin to slur my words. We're baffled when I have normal numbers but as my husband puts it, I get a "glazed over" look that tends to be more often than not and I slur as if I were intoxicated.

I lose things - such as my glasses or keys, and I also frequently forget something such as what I walked into a room for or what I was saying if I'm talking with someone. My husband just sighs, smiles and teases slightly telling me that I'm just being me.... but at the same time, he recently sat me down with our pastor to talk to me about concerns he and others were having from watching me or interacting with me, and my pastor asked if I had ever been screened for Parkinson's Disease. My reply was, I've never seen a doctor for that.

Now I'm truly starting to wonder if I should be seen. I really don't know too much about Parkinson's Disease but there have been major issues of concern as of late that make me feel like I should know more.

An example was Easter Sunday at church (2009), as I was taking Communion, I was experiencing tremors and it was difficult to partake in Communion, and as I turned to go back to my seat, another person in the congregation caught me as I started falling. There was no warning... I just started to fall. It seemed like my feet just were glued to the floor. Gratefully, I was caught before completely going down, but it was embarrassing to have an escort back to my seat as I felt shaky following that moment.

I have been having difficulties getting up and down from chairs - even at the dinner table where its a straight back chair. Getting out of bed is an issue if I don't take my dear sweet time in doing so. I also am experiencing what feels like my muscles drawing on my fingers and other areas of my body. It's absolutely painful at times, and then other times its dull and achy.

I feel basically grounded any more with the exception of some rare days where I feel safe enough to drive or take a walk. All in all though, I'm scared to do anything without assistance. I'm pushing 40 as of July and this is not normal at all in what I'm dealing with. That much I know. I had to stop working as of January because all of this was interfering with my job.

My husband said it's not safe for me to carry laundry to the laundry room to wash anymore because I tend to have dizzy spells and start to fall. I broke 7 dishes the other day when I started going down and I dropped the dishes to grab onto the sink and counter in the kitchen so I wouldn't fall down. Also, my handwriting went from beautiful to shaky "chicken scratch". I rarely write anymore because it's hard to do and my kids are increasingly having trouble reading my writing. I now make chore lists on the PC and print them down so that they are legible.

My children and my husband take turns rubbing my neck for me and my husband is giving me frequent massages to help with the achy pains that I'm having. My children have taken over simple tasks such as vacuuming my home and mopping the floors because of all of this.

My husband, after talking with one of the medical personnel at his place of employ said to take me to a neurologist and have me examined for Parkinson's Disease.

Overall, things have been increasingly getting difficult over the last 4 to 5 years. If anyone could give me some input, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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