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8 year old daughter, bowel movements

Hello All,
Our 8 year old daughter is having some issues with bowel movements ... she has a healthy diet and has regular bowel movements every day or two that are normal and pain-free. She doesn't have any tummy pain or bloating. But in between using the bathroom for bowel movements, she'll often have a small bowel movement where just a little comes out, it's not a loose stool or anything and we're not sure if it's medical or just a maturity thing ... she was born prematurely and while she is caught up size-wise to her peers, does well academically in school and isn't a behavior problem at all, she does seem to be immature in some ways for her age. She was very challenging to potty train and had sporadic bed wetting until she was about 7, but that has stopped completely.

I recall reading something about this and there was a name for the medical condition ... the parents said the stools were the consistency of peanut butter ... I would just like to research it a bit. She says sometimes she can tell she has to go and just doesn't and sometimes she doesn't know. Any suggestions or shared experiences would be much appreciated!

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