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What To Do Next...Don't Want Sinus Surgery...

I've been struggling with sinus pain (and chronic cough) since December 2008. My regular doctor finally sent me to an ENT a couple of months ago. I had a CT scan with the regular doc that showed my left maxillary sinus was completely blocked. I do no have any structural abnormalities or polyps...

After my first round of antibiotics with the ENT, they took another CT scan, but the right maxillary was completely blocked. They even did a second CT scan with a penny taped to my head to make sure they had the correct side.

After another course of a different antibiotic, I went back for a third CT scan. I felt like I didn't have much, if any, sinus pressure at this point. I've never run any fever. CT scan still shows right side is blocked although there is some open air where there wasn't before.

The doc (who still doesn't believe the original CT scan showed blockage on the left even though you can see where I'm missing a tooth which verifies which side is which) gave me another round of the same antibiotic and pretty much told me to call him when I make a decision. I feel like my decision is either sinus surgery or no sinus surgery...

I don't feel like my questions were completely answered although he did finally say he DIDN'T think it was allergy-related since I was only ever affected one side (or the other), but I'm still on the fence about calling back and asking to be tested for allergies.

I guess my question is, based on everyone's experiences, what are my best next options? I should point out, I still have occasional sinus pressure, I still feel drainage down my throat constantly (but no nasal congestion) which I'm assuming causes my cough, AND my ears pop whenever I yawn or sometimes when I swallow (doc says never any fluid in my ears).


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